Adventure Time

there’s some other people, that have made this trip. That have come from various far fun localés to say hello to you… they may be getting closer and closer.

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2012 → 2014

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Nerd HQ gifs : Jared impersonating Castiel at Nerd HQ (41.30)

Bonus : Jensen’s reaction

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Nerd HQ 2014, SPN cast pays their audiences fans (x)

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Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr being cutie pies (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・

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Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth react to their caricatures. [x]

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SDCC 2014 (x

He enjoys the freedom he never thought he has. And I hope for him to save the sense of freedom when he is back as a human.

He finds joy, something that was so lost to him for a long time, and maybe, maybe when he’ll come back, he will learn how to find joy as a human.

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No, this was all just for the cameras.

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Nerd HQ 2014, “If you could cross over with any other universe which one would you choose?” (x)

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